About John


Wow, so where to start? I am happy that you are here reading this and considering us to help you in your journey. I hope this helps you get to know me a little better, and that you understand why I feel this is the right step for my family.

I am the oldest of three boys. I was born and raised in Texas, San Antonio until I was 12, and then Dallas. I love my family very dearly, we have always been very close. I don’t get to see my brothers as much as I would like, because they live in Austin and I don’t, but we try to visit them with some regularity. I have always looked to my parents as a model of how to live in a marriage. They, like all, have had their fights and moments of struggle, but through it all they have persevered and showed me what it means to be partners in life.

Growing up I was always a bit of a nerd. I liked video games and reading books. Despite being a generally extroverted person, I only had a few close friends. I was in band in high school and the beginning of college, and always had an interest for technology. I learned to program in early high school, and very much enjoyed it, and decided to try and make a living from it, choosing a college based on their programs in that area. I never felt truly happy as a young adult, though I have always had a positive and cheery demeanor. A lot changed for me after I left college. I found myself deeply unhappy with the career path that I had spent most of my time since adolescence preparing for, and I felt lost. I was working for Microsoft as a software developer, but just could not find any joy in it. So I quit my job to find a different path. Luckily I had saved up enough money to sustain my search, and I feel it paid off quite nicely. I spent some time learning to meditate and find peace and faith in life. This was a major turning point for me, as the anxiety and worry I had as a young man left me and more love and joy entered my life. I spent more time outside, and my social circle expanded.

Along with a spiritual journey, I was taking a physical journey as well, spending time away from Texas experiencing different parts of the country and looking for a new career. I landed in the Pacific Northwest for a few years, and fell in love with it. I spent my free time rock climbing, hiking, white water rafting, skiing, biking, and just generally connecting with nature. My physical health improved dramatically, and I grew my hair long. I felt connected to the land there, but something was missing. My family. Not just the nuclear family I grew up with, but the family I had always felt I would have, my own wife and children.

Growing up, the one thing that I had always known I wanted to be was a Dad. I looked up to my dad greatly, and I was always great with kids. I even babysat quite a bit in high school, including an autistic boy that I formed a deep relationship with. I always knew that family would be the center of my life, and that I would be tasked with helping a few children grow into great adults. My desire for and understanding of this responsibility grew as I learned to meditate and found deeper meaning and faith in my life; I knew that imparting this knowledge would be key in my parenting.

So I met Christina on my final trip back to Texas before officially moving there from the Pacific Northwest – in a way that I can only describe as fate. I fell deeply in love with a woman who already had two kids – not the way I had envisioned starting my family, but perfect nonetheless. I have come to think of our older girls as mine now, and I cherish my relationships with each of them deeply. I love playing with them, running around the house screaming, and sitting on the couch cuddling as we watch a night time movie. They each have their own wonderful personality, and I love watching them grow and become move themselves every day. It is hard when they have to go to their father’s house. We all deal with it as best we can, we encourage the girls to talk to us about how they are feeling and try to help them process their emotions as best they can. They know that everyone in their life loves them deeply, and that we are all working as hard as we can to help them be as happy as possible.

Then we added our third girl. I even got to catch her as she was born in our own bed! I can say for sure that birth is a miracle and that women are amazingly strong, particularly my wife J It has been a joy to watch a child grow from newborn to toddler. Our middle daughter had just turned one when I met Christina, so I had never gotten to experience the day to day of raising an infant, and I am even more grateful for all my girls having been there firsthand.

My wife and I had always talked of wanting a boy. We have three wonderful girls, they play together, learn from each other, and I know they will all do amazing things in this world. My wife and I work tirelessly to raise them well, to help them find joy, do the right thing, and be kind to others and themselves. I know for sure that parenting is a mission for me in life, and I know that I give all I can to my girls. Yet, I feel almost a duty to raise a good man in this world. To share my experiences as a man with my son, impart what I have learned in life, help him learn even more, and pay forward what my father gave to me. There is something special about a father son relationship, and I don’t want to miss out on it.

We talked about having our own son, and even tried for a little while, but something was never quite right. We felt called in a different direction. After much searching and listening, we find ourselves here, called to this, to finding a mother who needs and wants our help, to adopting a baby boy into our family and our hearts. I cannot wait. I have so much love to give, so much fun to have; I know I will be a wonderful father to our son.